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ACR Global Partners Network

Partner relations ensure that all of our clients receive exactly the same high standard of service wherever they are in the world.

At the initiation of any new contract ACR conducts an extensive briefing with its partners to ensure they are fully aware of the service requirements for the particular contract. All necessary documentation, forms and methods of reporting are agreed and test cases are placed through the system to ensure understanding and adherence to agreed process.

When selecting a partner ACR always looks for companies who have similar standards, procedures, processes, code of conduct (towards the environment, its employees, health and safety) and philosophy as ourselves. We would always arrange for a member of our supplier partnership team to visit the potential partner's facility and meet all the relevant employees. This more than anything else will ensure that our respective company cultures are compatible.
Once we have identified the correct partners we will then conduct an RFI with those companies identified to ascertain detailed information about them in relation to their size, capabilities, service offerings, pricing and that they have a business culture that mirrors our own

Subject to the response we receive we will then undertake a full due diligence on those selected requesting detailed information on their service offering and prices before selecting a partner and entering into a Confidentiality Agreement with them.

Once we have selected our partner we will then start the task of training those staff involved in providing services to ACR and our clients to ensure continuity and consistency in service delivery. We will then enter into an account specific SLA for the duration of the contract.

We are committed to using the best available moving companies within their markets and over the years have built up excellent working relationships with the most capable and professional companies worldwide. In addition to our ongoing relationship our partners are continually being assessed through our quality assurance program, which evaluates their performance over a number of metrics including but not limited to invoicing accuracy, administration and compliance with ACR's SLA and Key performance indicators (KPI's).

Perhaps the most important client satisfaction barometer is the feedback that ACR obtains on its Partners through the employee evaluation/feedback questionnaires (please refer to question for an example of these).These of course not only measure our partner's performance but also ACR's. Our contracts with our partners are based solely on service and if one of our partners falls below the required standards we take instant restorative action. Initially we will contact our Partners to inform them of their service failing and request a full report on events leading to that service failure. This process enables our partnership team to identify the cause and agree a course of action to prevent a repetition. If a partner fails twice in the same area of service delivery they are deselected as a supplier until they provide tangible evidence that they have taken the necessary actions to prevent a repeat of such a failing.